Pre-K Crew

A fun interactive Ninja experience for the little ones. Our Coaches work with your Mini-Ninjas on strength, balance and coordination with fun, age and skill appropriate obstacles. Building a strong foundation to succeed and excel in the sport of Ninja.

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Ninja Training - Level 1

Adaptation Phase

Level 1 is our Entry level Ninja class for Kids and Adults. This is our conditioning or rather our “Adaptation Phase”. Our Coaches lead a strength and conditioning session to get the body warm and ready to tackle a Ninja Warrior inspired course with each class. Each obstacle course is designed by an American Ninja Warrior veteran that will challenge you and/or your Ninja, BUT before we let you loose onto the course our coaches help you or your ninja with the proper technique for each obstacle on the course. Courses will change Weekly…..if not daily.

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Ninja Training - Level 2

Acceleration Phase

Kids or Adults, Level 2 we KICK IT UP for our “Acceleration Phase” We take that strong foundation we help build in level 1 and then our coaches will push your ninja abilities to the limits and beyond. Our Coaches start to push you faster and further on the courses, preparing you to to compete in Ninja leagues and The State Games of America and perhaps even on American Ninja Warrior! Within Level 2, the sky is the limit as to how far you can go in the Ninja World.

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NinjFit is a group workout like you have never experienced before! Our program is designed to trick the mind, that you are having fun, not working out. Our classes are 40-50 mins long and a mix of ninja, crossfit (without the free weights), cardio and yoga for all levels of participants. Come check out a class and we promise that after doing a ninjafit class, your perspective of "working-out" will change forever.

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Spears, Tires, & Burpee

AROO! AROO! AROO! Spears, Tires & Burpees is our Spartan Race inspired fitness program for individuals ages 14 and up. Our coach is a seasoned Spartan Racer who has qualified and raced in Spartan National and Spartan World Championship races! She will put your body through a Spartan specific workout that will focus on strength, endurance and perseverance. Please be warned, Spartan Racing can be an addictive habit, if it can be controlled, join in this class, if it CAN’T be controlled, well join this class anyway and indulge your habit! AROO SPARTAN!

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